Pubali Bank Job Circular June 2023

Pubali Bank Job Circular June 2023

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AGM Job circular pubali bank
AGM Job circular pubali bank

History of Pubali Bank Limited

Established in 1959, Pubali Bank Limited has a long and illustrious history in Bangladesh’s banking sector. It was nationalized in 1972 and later privatized in 1983. Since then, the bank has experienced consistent growth and has played a pivotal role in the country’s economic development.

Vision and Mission of the Bank

Pubali Bank’s vision is to become the most admired and technologically advanced bank in Bangladesh. It aims to provide innovative and customer-centric banking solutions while upholding the highest standards of corporate governance. The bank’s mission is to contribute to the socioeconomic progress of the country by facilitating financial services that meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Branch Network

Pubali Bank Limited boasts an extensive branch network, ensuring convenient access to its services across Bangladesh. With over 450 branches strategically located in urban and rural areas, the bank reaches out to customers from all walks of life. This wide network enables Pubali Bank to cater to the banking requirements of individuals, businesses, and industries throughout the country.

Core Banking Services

4.1 Personal Banking

Pubali Bank offers a range of personal banking services designed to fulfill the financial needs of individuals. These services include savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, remittance facilities, and various loan options. Customers can enjoy personalized banking experiences and convenient access to their accounts through multiple delivery channels.

4.2 Corporate Banking

With its expertise in corporate banking, Pubali Bank provides customized solutions to meet the financial requirements of businesses and corporations. The bank offers working capital financing, project financing, trade finance, syndicated loans, and other corporate banking services. Through its dedicated relationship managers and digital platforms, Pubali Bank ensures seamless banking experiences for its corporate clients.

4.3 SME Banking

Pubali Bank recognizes the vital role small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play in driving economic growth. To support the growth and development of SMEs, the bank offers specialized banking services tailored to their unique needs. These include SME loans, credit facilities, advisory services, and financial support for entrepreneurship and business expansion.

Digital Banking Solutions

In line with the digital transformation of the banking industry, Pubali Bank has introduced various digital banking solutions to enhance customer convenience and accessibility.

5.1 Online Banking

Pubali Bank’s online banking platform enables customers to perform a wide range of financial transactions securely from the comfort of their homes or offices. From fund transfers to bill payments and account inquiries, online banking provides customers with round-the-clock access to their accounts.

5.2 Mobile Banking

With the Pubali Bank mobile banking app, customers can manage their finances on the go. The user-friendly interface allows users to transfer funds, pay bills, check account balances, and receive real-time notifications. Mobile banking offers convenience and flexibility, making banking easier for customers.

5.3 ATM Services

Pubali Bank has an extensive network of ATMs across the country, providing 24/7 access to cash and other banking services. Customers can withdraw money, check account balances, and perform various transactions using Pubali Bank’s ATMs conveniently located in urban centers and rural areas.

Financial Products and Services

Pubali Bank offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

6.1 Savings Accounts

The bank provides various types of savings accounts that offer competitive interest rates and flexible features. Customers can choose from different savings schemes based on their financial goals and preferences.

6.2 Current Accounts

Pubali Bank’s current accounts are designed for individuals and businesses that require frequent transactions and flexible banking services. These accounts offer convenient checkbook facilities and easy access to funds.

6.3 Fixed Deposits

Pubali Bank’s fixed deposit accounts provide attractive interest rates and secure investment options. Customers can choose from different deposit terms and enjoy the benefits of long-term savings.

6.4 Loans and Credit Facilities

Pubali Bank offers a wide range of loan products to cater to the financial needs of individuals, businesses, and industries. These include personal loans, home loans, car loans, SME loans, and working capital financing. The bank provides competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options to support its customers’ aspirations and growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Pubali Bank Limited is committed to its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and actively contributes to the welfare of society. The bank engages in various initiatives, including educational scholarships, healthcare programs, environmental conservation projects, and disaster relief efforts. Pubali Bank strives to make a positive impact on the communities it serves.

Awards and Recognitions

Over the years, Pubali Bank has received numerous awards and accolades for its outstanding performance in the banking industry. These recognitions highlight the bank’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


Pubali Bank Limited has established itself as a trusted and reliable banking institution in Bangladesh. With its extensive branch network, comprehensive range of banking services, and commitment to customer-centric solutions, Pubali Bank continues to contribute significantly to the country’s economic growth. The bank’s focus on digital transformation and corporate social responsibility further strengthens its position as a leader in the banking industry.


  1. How can I open a bank account with Pubali Bank? To open a bank account with Pubali Bank, visit your nearest branch with the necessary identification documents and complete the account opening process.
  2. Does Pubali Bank offer internet banking services? Yes, Pubali Bank provides online banking services that allow customers to perform various transactions and access their accounts anytime, anywhere.
  3. What types of loans does Pubali Bank offer? Pubali Bank offers a wide range of loans, including personal loans, home loans, car loans, SME loans, and working capital financing. The bank provides tailored loan solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.
  4. How can I contact Pubali Bank’s customer support? You can contact Pubali Bank’s customer support through their helpline number or by visiting your nearest branch. The bank’s website also provides contact information for different departments and services.
  5. Does Pubali Bank have any mobile banking app? Yes, Pubali Bank has a mobile banking app that allows customers to manage their accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and perform various banking transactions using their smartphones.
Name of Institution: Pubali Bank Limited
Number of the post: Please see circular image
 Job Posting Date: June 12, 2023
Job source : Online
Last Date for Sending Application: Please see circular image
Number of Vacancies:  Please see circular image
Salary: Please see circular image
Age Limit: Please see circular image
Educational Qualification: Please see circular image
Experience Requirements: Please see circular image
Job Category: Bank Job
Job Location: Please see circular image
Job Nature: Full Time
Online Application Link:  Internet
Other Benefits:  As per Company Policy
How to Apply : Manual and Online, To Follow the instruction of  Job Circular Image
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Pubali Bank Job Circular June 2023